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Richbaub's Introduction to Middle School Grammar is...


a comprehensive yet wonderfully practical year-long middle school grammar program that is ideal for teachers of 6th grade grammar or 7th grade grammar


a unique and innovative middle school grammar program that keeps students writing


a truly developmentally-appropriate middle school grammar program in workbook form (180 pages) that is the ideal size and scope for today's reading and writing-intensive middle school English and language arts courses


an easy-to-use middle school grammar program available in electronic (pdf) form via instant download, or in a traditional hard-copy student workbook


available teacher support materials include a teacher's edition (answer book) and 17 customizable tests (doc)

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But Why Richbaub's?

Many English teachers struggle to work a smart, sensible grammar strand into their courses, and as a result many middle school English teachers give up teaching grammar entirely.

In such situations, students are being short-changed!

The reality is, however, that it is very difficult for teachers to find or even to craft a middle school grammar program of a practical and effective scope and sequence.

And that’s exactly why so many teachers are turning to Richbaub’s IMSG!

Richbaub’s IMSG is the grammar strand middle school teachers have been looking for as it fits seamlessly beside the literature, writing, and vocabulary study in today’s middle school English classrooms.

And for students Richbaub’s IMSG provides the comprehensive program of formal training in grammar they need--a foundation in the workings of the English language upon which they can stand and stretch up toward their fullest potentials as writers in the months and years ahead!

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The Middle School Grammar Dilemma

Middle school English teachers battle to find time for grammar as it competes for valuable instructional time with literature, writing, and vocabulary.

A New Approach to Teaching Grammar in Middle School

This middle school grammar textbook goes beyond the thought of “What is there to know about grammar?” because this is simply not practical in today's literature and writing-focused approach to teaching English.

The Results

The scope and sequence of Richbaub's IMSG is not only developmentally-appropriate for middle school students but also realistic for teachers.

In short, Richbaub's Introduction to Middle School Grammar works for students because it's specifically designed for their developmental level, and it works for teachers because it's designed not to dominate their instructional time, but rather to easily fit beside the literature, vocabulary, and writing instruction within today's middle school English curriculum.


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